Statement accessories.

Accessories are key when it comes to completing any outfit. My newly purchased LOVE ring is my favourite; personally I can not leave the house with at least two rings on.


Upcoming project's.

I found these images while browsing through heartit.com and I immediately knew I had to make my own. The low back white jumper dress I can see myself making within minutes but the LWD (Little white dress) on the other hand will not be so simple. I will keep you updated with the projects and look forward to sharing the results... if all goes to plan.


Quote of the day.

" A woman's dress should be like a barbed - wire fence; serving it's purpose without obstructing the view" - Sophia Loren.


A space waiting in my closet for this precious piece.

If you follow me on twitter then you would of seen me lusting over this gorgeous winter white blazer this morning. Who knew it was possible to be this in love with a jacket. As if the white tailoring is not breath taking enough the fur just tops it off.


The Septmber issue.

If my fashion obsession did no exist then no doubt I would dread the month of September and hide away until we get the summer back but thankfully September is always my favourite fashion month. From the new trends, big magazines issues and of course the catwalks. It gives me one big fashion buzz. Now that it is September it would be wrong for me not to buy The September Issue on DVD. I first watched it in my styling lesson while studying at The fashion retail academy last year and fell in love. I am disappointed in my self that this DVD still does not belong to me.


Bad hair month.

Do you ever get sucked into that moment where you don't think about the consequences you just do it? Well rewind to about 7months ago or so and you will see me dying my hair red, at the time it seemed like a good idea. I'm very safe with my hair, I don't like change but had 'one of those moments' and to this very day I am still trying to get the hint of red out!! One small problem... I have a big fear of hairdressers, but today my lovely hairdresser friend is coming round to test my hair and hopefully by Monday I will have lovely light brown/blonde hair. I WILL NOT LET HER PUT THE SCISSORS ANYWHERE NEAR ME.
Wish me luck (I'm going to need it)


Goodbye summer, hello winter.

Waking up this morning and looking at my phone to find the date reading it was Thursday September 1st, it suddenly hit me not only do I need to sart saving for Christas but I have no winter clothes. Somehow I do not think my high waisted jean shorts and little summer dresses will match the weather requirement, saying that nor did it for this 'summer' of ours.
This winter I want a lot of fur, big chunky knit jumpers, Dr. Martins, LOADSSS of brogues and some statement trousers.

What are you putting on your winter wish list?

1) Knitted roll neck camel jumper - £38.00
2) Plaited tan shopper - £79.99
3) Leopard print loafers - £32.00
4) Pleated green trousers - £29.99
5) Green stone ring- £12.50
6) Camel cabel knit ankle socks - £4.00


Tutorial 10.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures they was taken on my blackberry.

These drawing are the cause of my current dead arm! All morning I have been sat at my desk drawing fashion figures,faces and different garments. Even though I took art GCSE and got a B I never really liked drawing that much and dreaded going to class but now studying at The British College of Professional styling I have a new found love for fashion illustration's and fashion drawing.
Tutorial 10 is all about learning how to draw fashion illustrations, they break it down step by step and explain it in such a way that makes it seem so simple.


I died and went to boot heaven.

While doing a personal shopping assignment online I could not help but quickly blog about these amazing boots that caught my eye. I need to add another pair of boots to my collection but topshop has made it rather hard for me, can't I have them all?
All boots are from Topshop, Click here to do some damage to your bank balance..