Love pastles.

I want to live in the life's of the Olsen twins.
Oh.. and not forgetting there shoe and bag collection.

Am I the only one who want's my hair to grow this long?
LOVE the messy look.

Finally got the new blackberry bold last week all I need now is a gorgeous miu miu bag to go with.

Miu Miu.

Miu Miu heaven.
I could see myself fitting in the middle perfectly!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one that love's the fact the sun is out and has been for the past couple of days! Even if it is still a bit cold... nothing a gorgeous little cardigan can't fix.


I've been in my own little world these last couple of day's and have not blogged!!! what is wrong with me?! Anyway my lully's I am back in business.


Once again the sun is out and I'm stuck inside as I feel like death but the sunshine shining through my window make's me happy even though I would much rather be at a bbq with my lovelys. xo


One way to organise your outfit♥

Take me to NYC.

I really want to go New York!! I plan to go some time soon, getting bored of the same old thing in London I want to see the yellow cabs, hear the American accents and SHOP!!!

Nail art.

I can't stop changing the colour of my nails, I have just painted them purple my left hand looks perfect and then I turn over to look at my right hand and it's a complete different story! I'm useless trying to paint with my left hand, after years of practice I still haven't improved.
I love and need these three colours.

I'll see you - in the morning.

Night bloggers♥
sweet dreaming xoxo


How to have a lovely day...

- Smile at strangers.
- Give lot's of compliments.
- Dress nicely.
- Wear perfume.
- Observe and listen.
- Be charming.
- Laugh.
- Be Happy.
- Show people you care.
-Include fashion in your life.
- Wish everyone a lovely day.


Easter is now over but I'm still living off my chocolate eggs and have been now for the last 4 days.. HELP!!

Fairy tail.

In a dream world everything seems to be okay...

Converse love.

Every girl needs a pair of converse in her life, I dug out three pairs today that I completely forgot I had!! My red ones are my favourite at the moment.
No outfit is complete without a pretty ring.


-The hair.
-The dress.
-The rings.
-The face.

Pretty things.

Love these♥

Summer + Denim = LOVE.

Now the summer's approaching the denim shorts and jackets will be coming out off the wardrobe... about time as well.

Love my abercrombie denim shorts♥

Take me away!

Could do with sitting on the beach with a cold ice drink in my hand catching a tan.. would go down nicely. Anywhere hot and sunny please xo


No - one's wardrobe is complete without some studs.
On Jackets, tops, shorts, shoes, bags, belts, jewelery...
Pretty much everything.


Mary - Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Love Love Love them!!
I could spend all day researching them, I can happily say I am obsessed - what isn't to love?
♥There stunning.
♥There amazing style.
♥The clothing range ( and soon to be jewelery range )
♥There celebrity friends.
♥There book - which I NEED to invest in!!


Sex and the city.

So excited for the second Sex and the city to hit the big screens.


Obessed with bows at the moment, and them Chanel shoes at the top are gorgeous.

Next week..

So I think it's about time I get my sewing machine out again it's been tucked away for ages and I owe my beautiful best friend a top she has been asking for, for ages so next week my little baby is coming out!! Oh and I NEED to decorate it like this :) !!


Happy Easter lovely xo



Love these colours, infact I love everything about these dresses they are to die for.

Florence & the machine.

Her voice, her style, her coolness, her face, her attitude.. What isn't there to love about florence.