The little white dress.

We all know that a girl's best friend for decades now has been the LBD (little black dress) but it seems that the 'little white dress' is poised to give the LBD a run for its money. Even though white can be difficult to wear it can be worn all year round and when worn right it looks great. Looks like women have a new best friend.

Tip: Ensure the piece fits well and it's backed up with a good quality, nude tone underwear.


Selfridges will launch House of Deréon this autumn...

Okay so we might not be able to sing and dance like Beyonce (pat on the back for those who can) but come September we will have the chance to dress like the style icon, Beyonce and her mother will introduce their House of Deréon line to the UK with a launch at Selfridges.

Named after Beyoncé’s grandmother, Louisiana dressmaker Agnéz Deréon, the two women have been designing the brand since 2005, Tina Knowles commented on the brand in a recent statement saying ‘The combination of colours, exotic prints and silhouettes make for a cohesive collection with tremendous appeal. Beyoncé and I are so proud of the line-up and we can't wait to see the consumer's response and how she makes it her own,’
I'm sold already and I haven't even seen the line yet. Honestly though: how could anyone resist?


God save the McQueen.

Never will I get bored of Alexander McQueen and this book for that fact.
I'm such a fan of McQueen's work and this book is packed with breathtaking photographs of his designs throughout his career, this trbute book is genius, just like the man himself.

The inside sleeve of the book reads;
Alexander McQueen: genius of a generation is a must - have buy for fashion lovers everywhere, and a beautiful keepsake, showcasing the dramatic and spectacular work of this fantastic designer.

If you haven't already, BUY IT.



Little Fillie

Little Fillie sell the most amazing headbands, colourful, detailed, polka dots, stripes, bows, ruffles, you name it. They are so precious.
Adding a Little Fillie headband to your outfit is a quick and easy way to update your look.
Available to buy at Topshop Oxford street now.

A good working space equals good work.

I have come to a conclusion; in order to get me more motivated and help me get my ideas flowing I need a better work place. Sitting in a dark corner in the room really does not help my imagination. I need a desk full of pretty things such as flowers, posters, art work, fashion illustrations, pictures and preferably a kettle (a pretty one of course).
While we are on the subject of work spaces I also need a room for my sewing machine and materials, my bedroom floor is just not doing the job anymore and not to mention my collection is getting way to big to fit under my bed. So forget a pretty desk spaces... I need an office.
This imaginary office of mine will also include racks of clothes and a section for a shoe collection, even the idea of this makes my work easier.


Finding the good in goodbye.

My original weekend plan; A quite weekend in doing work with lots of tea and food.
My quite weekend in did not stay quite for very long and ended up involving 2 night's out, lot's of vodka redbull, 7 hours in A&E, a head injury and a clear out of my friends.

Was spending 7hours in A&E on my Saturday night my puinshment for not doing my work? If so I promise to get my work done before my next night out. Minus the hours of waiting around, the examinations, the head injury and being bed bound for the next couple of days the outcome has been good. It has made me realize who my true friends really are and helped me have a 'clear out'. Normally the only clearing out I would ever get involved in is anything that includes my wardrobe but like they say... in with the old out with the new.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend which didn't include trips to A&E.

I'm wearing; H&M dress, black knee high socks. Topshop wedges and a button necklace from spain.
Jess is wearing; A top made by me, cream lace H&M skirt and snak print wedges.


Bill Gaytten, my new hero.

I am obsessed with Dior's couture fall collection - amazing! 
I would happily have this collection and this collection only in my wardrobe. The fashion world have been on their edge of the seats waiting to see what's next for Dior without John Galliano after 15 years but it' safe to say Bill Gaytten the new genius behind the breath taking collection did not disappoint.


No time to breath.

My work load never seems to go down, as soon as I finish one thing another 10 things fall on top. I have 7 more assignments until I finish my styling course and a million other things until I finish my other project. (This is my excuse for being a boring blogger) On a better note I am very excited and can't wait to fill you all in on the details.

Things that would make my life easier;
- A Chanel bag.
- Winning the lottery.
- A tea maker.
- Endless amounts of doughnuts.
-Time to shop.
- Beyonce.
- My best friend coming back from holiday.


Boutiques full of vintage.

Sitting at home thinking you need a gorgeous little outfit for the weekend but have no idea where to shop? bored of buying the same old thing and dreading bumping into someone with the same dress as you? Well look no further, I have found the answer to your problem... Asos Marketplace.
Just when you thought Asos couldn't get any better right? Well it seems like it has. Bringing new talent right to our screen, It is a little place full of boutique's set up by people wanting to resell vintage items, show casing their new designs and bringing trouble to our bank balance.

I thought I would share you two of my favourite boutiques.

A diamond in the rough.
Created by Jodie Ellen Speight.

Created by Issy Wie.

Both full of beautiful one off pieces, there's only one of a kind just the race is on to buy your favorite.


Got my night sorted.

Is it sad that I would rather stay in do some work, read a few magazines and drink lots of tea on a Friday night?
Well if so call me sad as that is how I plan to spend my night, I must say I am pretty excited.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your plans may be.
Love G x


Wardrobe essential.

I'm not a big fan of coats in fact I hate wearing them, unless you give me a Burberry studded trench coat that is, I would happily live in one. My coat phobia is a real problem considering I live in England where unfortunately a coat is needed for most of the year, so the answer to my problem... A leather jacket. My black jacket pictured here is from New Look at the lovely price of £35, what's not to love it's comfortable, it goes with everything and it never gets old. I need to fill my wardrobe with more leather jacket's three is defiantly not enough. My plan is to buy another black leather jacket and DIY it and add some stud's to the shoulders and collar.


Wise words.

"Become someone who can make tough decisions... Don't let difficult situations erode your confidence"


Sneak peak

As much as I would like to tell you my very exciting news I have sworn to privacy that I won't say a word but what I can tell you is that the process will be a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, sweat, tears and a lot of laughter but will hopefully pay of in the end and I can't wait to see the final outcome.

Here are a few pictures to get you thinking, any ideas yet?

I also thought I would share with you a cute and very helpful text of a few wise words I received
" People will always try and knock you down as soon as they see you doing good in life, these people are often insecure and jealous. Don't let them win and defiantly don't let them affect your hard work and confidence. The more hard work you put in the more you will get out of life, surround yourself with good family and friends because their opinion is the only one that really counts. Just work hard and prove all the negative people wrong"


Cream on cream.

You may have seen me wear my high waisted jean shorts one to many times before in some of my blog posts but they are my favorite. My summer wardrobe will consist of high waisted shorts, hopefully in every single color of the rainbow with every embellishment possible. I also teamed it with my favorite peace necklace (see previous posts) cream lace top from Zara and a fringed cream waist coat and lots of rings.

Who knew an abandoned church and grave yard could be so much fun.

(Outside in the field/crave yard)
For one of my assignments I was asked to set up a shoot to gain some experience and get some pictures for my portfolio so my best friend and I went to an abandoned chruch in the middle of no where to meet our photographer for the day James Tozer, who was dying to be reunited with his camera.

(Inside the chruch)

Our day was far from glamourous unless you call walking for miles to find the location, chasing away the bees, getting stung, climbing through little holes, ripping my favourite scarf, your idea of glamourous?
I have realised I much prefer being the girl behind the scenes instead of infront of the camera but I did have a lot of fun.

(Jame Tozer, Photographer)