Summer means maxi.

This is one of my favourite maxi dresses in my wardrobe at the moment (along with a black and cream stripped one, will upload a picture soon) It is £24.99 from H&M and also comes it a blue and cream colour. This dress would be perfect for a summer wedding but if your like me and don't have the excitement of a wedding coming up then your lucky because it's easy to wear and can be worn for shopping trips, BBQ's (like me) lunch date etc.


I really want/need to subscribe to...

My life would be a whole lot more interesting if I had my three favourite magazine delivered to my door, and when you subscribe you get a free gift... what other reason do you need?

I promise to be better...

Even though I have had my blog for way over a year (or two) I haven't stuck at it and haven't been a very good blogger but after sitting around all day and night wasting my life away hoping for something interesting to keep me entertained I came to the conclusion I am going to put all my thoughts/boredom/interests/likes/dislike etc into my blog but a few things I have to sort out first...
  • I need more followers ( a lot more)
  • I also need to follow a lot more blogs.
  • Need to find some interesting things to say.
  • Need to get my blog looking pretty.
  • Learn a few tricks and trades of the blogging world.
 So let me know any blogs worth following and get your friends to follow me etc it would be very helpful.

No words.

I'm all for making a statement and standing out but these glasses are on a whole other level I saw them in Parade's new video "perfume" and thought they looked pretty cool that was until I knew they was selling them on Asos for £126 down from £158 these Linda Farrow Projects Jeremy Scott Hands Frames have defiantly been inspired by Lady Gaga by the looks of things.

Guess who?

Yes this is a sneak peak of what to expect from New Look's coming collection they defiantly have gone above and beyond with there new collection. If your like me and like a bit of sparkle and glamour it's defiantly worth waiting for.

One to follow.


One of my favourite blogs to follow maybe because I know her or maybe I can relate to her posts the most and it does help the fact she has put my blog as a favourite to read whatever the reason take a look.

I have an obsession...

Tweet tweet tweet @georgwhite

Christopher Kane's neon clutch.

Great way to add a bit of colour into your wardrobe with this Christopher Kane clutch (£295), they also come in green, orange and yellow.

On trend.

The decision was to hard to make do I go with strawberry or peach? So I went with both and it looks like I made the right choice as I found this article in my Instyle magazine. I also got the orange colour free with the magazine... I love a freebie.


A few sketches...


When the dawnbreaks.

This months ELLE featured a 20page spread on how to wear colour. Think neon.
This is my favourite shot not only is this vibrant orange silk - gabardine skirt AMAZING I love the fact that they haven't over worked the styling and kept simple.

New hat £4.99 from H&M

Assignment four..

So I have got my fourth assignment through already and am pretty excited to get started on it. My brief is that I am a custom designer for a Hollywood remake of a movie and I have to create a customer profile of the leading female character. I had the choice of four movies to pick out of and without a doubt I went with Holly Golighty from Breakfast at Tiffany's, I loved her and her style in the film and have already found some amazing clothes for her new character.

Who done it better?

When I got this months Instyle magazine and saw Thandie Newton on the front in the £1,000 Prada dress I couldn't help but compare it with the issues of Elle when they featured Amanda on the front cover, what are your verdicts?

Hot trend alert.

Denim... Not just any denim this seasons hottest trend. From H&M's in store magazine to ELLE and Instyle they have all featured spreads. Elle claiming; "it's democratic yet the height of fashion; it's essential yet transformative; it's practical, yet sexy as hell"
No summer wardrobe is the same without some denim shorts and jacket, but now we have even more to choose from from dresses, to skirts, to shoes, to flares andcoloured skinnies.


I'm wearing...

As soon as the sun comes out so do my denim high wasted shorts which are from River Island, I could love in them. I'm also wearing a scarf which I got for the wonderful price of £2 in the asos sale (Could I really say no?!) a white shirt from Topshop and course the outfit wouldn't be complete without my pink converse.



Wise words of Rachel Zoe

"Just as the right pinch of salt can open up the flavour of any dish, the right accessory - a hat, scarf, belt, and especially sunglasses - can flavour an otherwise basic look to perfection."

I am reading Rachel Zoe's book for the second time, its a must have.


Love this look from Moschino SS11 collection. I want to rock the high bun and red dotted head scarf, anyone with me?