New trends are introduced by fashion leaders who usually want to be different and stand apart from their peers. They do not feel obliged to follow convention and they seek leadership by being the first to establish new trends. In fact, if they didn't they wouldn't be fashion leaders and would soon be out of business.

Fashion cycles.

Fashion involves leaders and followers. There are those who dress to suit their own lifestyle and attitudes and those who follow trends established by others.

Styling fact.

I thought I'd share a little surprising well what I thought to be a surprising fact with you....
The trends you see around are the result of a process which starts up to two and a half years before the general public will see sight of it. The process includes studying of basic components of fashion the analysis and prediction of which colours, textures, lines and shapes are most likely to be popular in the future. As you can see its a very well planned and thought of process .
Nothing happens over night.


My saturday night...

So instead of going out wasting money and getting drunk like I would usually spend my weekend I am sitting at home with countless of magazines, food and endless cups of tea doing some research and hopefully get some work done. I'm so hard core.

A wardrobe must have...

Every girl needs a pair.

While doing research for my assignment I came across these pictures of Primarks amazing 2011 summer collection, without reading the article I would never of guessed that this was a Primark collection. They have defiantly stepped up their game and I will defiantly be adding a few pieces to my summer wardrobe and I'm sure I will not be the only one, right?
I am now officially enrolled at the British college of professional styling, I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve so excited and can't wait to wake up the next morning but in my case every morning. I have just started my first assignment and it is intended to test my observational skills, imagination and get me thinking about my own preferred style I can see the course is going to be a lot of hard work but I'm more than certain that it will be worth it in the end.