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Excuse the state of my blog at the moment I have been trying to make it look pretty but it hasn't quite happened. I will sort it out tomorrow.
My favourite shoe from Zara at the moment are these wide heeled satin sandals. These shoe's will add instant colour to any outfit and for £69.99 they will be worth every penny.

Girl crush.

How amazing does Rihanna look on the cover of American Vogue, I agree with Cheryl Cole on the whole girl crush thing, ever since the bright red hair she has become insane!! Her style is so unique and she manages to pull anything off.

More McQueen

Enough about the shoe's... now look at these dresses.
I want to play dress up in these amazing gowns, Alexander McQueen's autumn winter 2011 collection is "banana's" in the word's of Rachel Zoe.

Mulberry heaven

This mulberry bag is on a whole other level, this limited edition Lily hand bag need's to be in my wardrobe but with the price tag of £3,500 I guess i better keep dreaming.
If a man want's to buy a woman this is probably a good place to start... pay attention.

Lucky Canada.

It's official Topshop is taking over the world,  they have announced that they will be opening three stores in Canada the date's are not confirmed yet but the lucky three city's are said to be Toronto, followed by Vancouver and Montreal.

The mighty McQueen.

McQueen is not dead.
He still lives through his collection, and these new shoes are to die for. I would happily break my neck trying to wear these, if one; I could afford them, two; I had a place to wear them to and three; if I had his whole collection to wear them with. No doubt we will be seeing these beauty's on lady gaga any time soon.

Stylish couple.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
My new favourite couple and not only because they are hilarious, they always look so glamorous and chic.
As perfect as they are apart they compliment each other in every-way. More men need to dress like this, even if it is just to go get a coffee why not dress in a suit?

Bad blogger.

I have been a terrible blogger but I'm back.