Internships. Internships. Internships.

I know I'm not the only one out there who is finding it impossible to find an internship or apprenticeship especially in fashion it has been a nightmare!! Even though I am currently studying at The British college of professional styling I am home schooled and work around my own time basis so this is the perfect opportunity for me to be an intern at the same time. Being an 18 year old student with no job I need (&would like) and internship that pays if only for travel as most of them are up London and as I currently studied at The fashion retail academy I traveled everyday and found that its nearly impossible to keep on top of the payments without help from my Grandad (life saver!) I hate relying on other people, I want to be independent that's why I need to find a good internship that I love and hopefully puts my foot in the door for a perfect job in the fashion industry so I can work my way to the top.

So if you have any good websites or no anything that could help me please message me you lovely bloggers.

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