A model's day off.

I'm always looking for new style icon's and I would always start by looking at my favourite actresses, designers and singers for inspiration but it has come to my attention that we have new style icon's to look up to. They would be models. It's not just the fact they look good in most things (that's their job right?) but they seem to have that effortless style. Jean's, a baggy T, biker boots, jacket and a trendy straw hat and they can make the street their runway. Model's spend most of their working hour's getting dressed by other people, playing dress up and getting told what to wear, so when it is time to clock off for the day they finally get their say.  You don't have to wear bold colour's and extravagant print's to stand out or try to express yourself, you can take the laid back approach which I have noticed by looking at many "off duty model blogs" is what most model's do. I'm defiantly no model myself and even though I think I have a pretty clear idea of what a model's sense of style may include I took the opportunity to ask a model herself, a very beautiful model at that Michaela Ireland a few questions.

Q1. What are your favourite high street brands to shop at?
A1. I usually shop at Topshop on oxford st's basement store, American apparel, h&m, Zara.

Q2. How would you explain your style?
A2. I would explain my style as fresh, clean-cut yet comfortable, if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it will show through. 

Q3. Your lucky enough to work with some amazing fashion brand's do you learn anything from them?
A3. I have learnt that accessories can easily make or break an outfit. I also usually learn what will be coming through within the next few seasons, so I often take main trends and incorporate them into what I wear.

Q4. When your not doing shoot's or having casting's what do you like to wear on your day off?
A4 .On my days off I'll lounge about in tights and a long vest, or jogging bottoms and an ironed shirt. 

Q5. What is your favourite item in your closet at the moment at the moment?
A5. My favourite item in my closet at the moment are my red corduroy shorts, they go with anything yet they'll never fail to make a statement on the outfit.

Michaela may be stylish and love fashion but her main priority is to be comfortable. Like Michaela said in question two "If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it will show through." and I couldn't agree more. After talking to the lovely model it got me to thinking a rule that she and many other model's seem to live by is that as long as you feel good you will look good

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