The only way is up.

I received my 6th assignment through today which mean's I am half way through my course at The British college of professional styling, 6 more to go and I will be a qualified professional stylist as they say. Along with my new assignment I also received my feedback from the previous assignment and I couldn't be happier with it, the feedback I have been getting just keeps getting better and better. My tutor said my work is beautiful, successful, valuable and fantastic all in one short paragraph, my tutor also said I have some very good work to include into my portfolio, so I'm very pleased. Thing's finally seem to be looking up after loosing someone very important to me in the worst way possible, quitting my job and dropping out of college I can finally see the light, I have 12 weeks until I graduate, I have some amazing interviews for internships and I have the best people around me.


  1. The best of luck flower!

    Eda ♥

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  2. Thank you, I have also voted for you. x