Do you have it all if you have no one to share it with?

The thought of having an internship in Paris waiting for me is amazing but is 18 a good age to move away? I think 21 suits me best and then there's the thought of... Will all these amazing opportunity's be worth it without anyone to share the excitement with? I'll be living in a foreign country on my own, not being able to speak the language (I just about know english) ,I'll defiantly get lost, I wont have anyone I know around me and I'll have to cook for myself. All this for more than three months? It sounds like a lonely life to me, I'm sure ill learn and get use to all these things but the thought of being a thousand miles away and not being able to call the people that normally rescue me, knowing they won't be able to drive to my house and give me a little pick me up. Well that's a little bit terrifying. All my friends would probably laugh at the thought of me moving all the way to Paris on my own because they know how useless I can be, but then they know how much I love fashion and how determined I am to get far. My conclusion to my thoughts; something amazing has to come up here so I don't have to go and I feel a need to stay or someone needs to come with me and be my little side kick?
Like they say... Everything comes at a cost.

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  1. If you have been offered a Paris internship take it! Think of the life experience, and wouldn't you always wonder 'what if I had gone to Paris?' if you turned it down? It will no doubt open so many more doors for you.