What happened to just working hard?

Now a days most designers, stylists, models, actors, actresses or even bloggers (most definitely bloggers) use the internet to their advantage by promoting themselves and/or their brands to help them get out there, or even put a foot in the door. You never know who is on the other side of the computer screen reading your tweets or blog posts, it could just be a person like me, searching for some inspiration and following my interests. On the other hand, it could be the person who could change your whole entire career. However, there are two designers out there, two twin sisters in fact, who you won't be seeing on twitter, facebook or rarely even do interviews, they hardly even interact with the fans they have gained over the years, although remain successful as ever. Guessed who they are yet? Mary - Kate and Ashley Olsen of course. Not everyone agrees with the way they dress, but a high percentage of fashion lover's out there see them as style icons and look up to them. They manage to pull of that 'granny chic' look and have effortless style, not to mention the amazing wardrobe collection they must get to share between one another. Most people still know them as childhood actresses, but these two ambitious women have a very successful fashion career, not only with their clothing line but also their best selling books. To conclude, the moral of the story it seems to be is that it is not all about who you know and where you spend your leisurely hours. Mary - Kate and Ashley are proof that you can follow the old fashioned path, by working hard to get to where you want in life.

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  1. Mary-kate and Ashley have done so well with their careers, and they are definitely fashion icons to many people, they dress so well :)

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