Finding the good in goodbye.

My original weekend plan; A quite weekend in doing work with lots of tea and food.
My quite weekend in did not stay quite for very long and ended up involving 2 night's out, lot's of vodka redbull, 7 hours in A&E, a head injury and a clear out of my friends.

Was spending 7hours in A&E on my Saturday night my puinshment for not doing my work? If so I promise to get my work done before my next night out. Minus the hours of waiting around, the examinations, the head injury and being bed bound for the next couple of days the outcome has been good. It has made me realize who my true friends really are and helped me have a 'clear out'. Normally the only clearing out I would ever get involved in is anything that includes my wardrobe but like they say... in with the old out with the new.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend which didn't include trips to A&E.

I'm wearing; H&M dress, black knee high socks. Topshop wedges and a button necklace from spain.
Jess is wearing; A top made by me, cream lace H&M skirt and snak print wedges.


  1. Wow, hope you're ok! Love the dress

  2. I love the top you made for your friend.
    i wish i was a creative as you x

  3. You are both gorgeous! I love your blog and am now following! I'm going to follow ya on twitter -- i love making friends! messgae/tweet/comment some time i'd love to talk! :)

    xo Michelle